50B Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

Having worked with Domestic Violence cases since a pilot program was put into effect in Durham County approximately two (2) decades ago, Todd McCurry has extensive experience dealing with these types of cases. Over the years the laws have been modified several times, and always with good intention, but not always with an eye toward protecting the accused’s rights in these cases. In order for a person to make sure that they are fully informed and protected when dealing with Domestic Violence cases they should hire an attorney. The Statute that controls Domestic Violence is N.C.G.S.§50B.

Even if a party agrees with the entry of a 50B Domestic Violence Restraining Order against them, it has far reaching ramifications that are not explained by anyone on behalf of the person accused. For example, an entry of a 50B Domestic Violence Restraining Order against a person terminates their right to gun ownership, and the entry of the 50B Domestic Violence Restraining Order on the police records have become an issue, even in something as simple as a traffic stop.

Also, the entry of a 50B Domestic Violence Restraining Order against someone subjects them to more frequent arrests and for enhanced punishments on domestic-related crimes that they may be accused of in the future.

Increasingly, employers are becoming proactive with persons accused of Domestic Violence. Unfavorable Domestic Violence Restraining Orders may affect one’s ability to retain or obtain employment. Accordingly, it is critically important whenever one is served with a 50B Domestic Violence Restraining Order or a lawsuit requesting a 50B Domestic Violence Restraining Order that they contact an attorney immediately.

Since a Domestic Violence case is tried in a much shorter time frame than any other case that comes before the District Court, the sooner one meets and retains an attorney, the better chance that person and their attorney have to be prepared. Usually one has only a matter of days to act.

In very few instances is it a good idea to consent to the entry of a Domestic Violence Restraining Order against you. The Law Office of Todd E. McCurry is available to consult with you about your 50B Domestic Violence questions or for representation in court. Please do not hesitate to contact us at 910-772-1254, by email at lawyertm@bellsouth.net, or through our website at www.toddemccurry.com.

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